Healthy Snack Options in Under 5 Minutes

Healthy Snack Options in Under 5 Minutes

Healthy Snack Options in Under 5 Minutes

Choosing healthy snack options can be difficult when we are constantly surrounded by highly processed and packaged foods. Convenience foods are popular because they save time, but there are better options to stock your fridge and pantry with that can be prepared just as quickly. With a little planning, you can easily put together a day’s- or week’s-worth of snacks to have on hand between meals and at work to avoid reaching for the less healthy choices.
The keys to a healthy snack that will tackle hunger between meals or when you don’t have time to consume a meal are protein and fiber. Protein and fiber are both digested slowly, so they help keep your blood sugar level steady, preventing a crash soon after you eat, while helping you feel satisfied for hours. View the guidelines below, along with some easy snack ideas to help make planning easier!
Guidelines for choosing a snack:
Calories: 150-300 kcals √
Fat: 0-15 grams (avoid trans fats) √
Carbs: 0-30 grams √
Fiber: 5+ grams √
Sugar: <5 grams of added sugar √
Protein: 5-20 grams √

SnackCalFat (g)Carb (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Protein (g)
Apple (1 med)800205151
Banana (1 small)800202121
Bean Dip (½ c)70210204
Berries (½ c)3509250
Cottage Cheese (½ c, 2%)100240015
Dried Fruit (¼ c)1000252201
Fresh Fruit (1 piece/1 c)800202160
Granola (¼ c)100320272
Greek Yogurt (6 oz, FF/light)80080612
Hard-boiled Egg (1)7050006
Hummus (½ c)100612202
Jerky (2 oz, Low-sodium)160161430
Mozzarella Cheese (1 oz)8061007
Nuts/Seeds (¼ c)170157417
Peanut Butter (¼ c)20083113
Popcorn (3 c)100119403
Turkey (3 oz, low-sodium)90110116
Veggies (1 c)2006311
Whole Wheat Crackers (6)100416202
Whole Wheat Pita (1)110125405

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